Rapid Fire - Demo 2

From Poland comes this band that started out as a cover band and turned to writing own material. Rapid Fire plays metal with another elements to enrichen their sound. The songs are played in a diverse tempo, clear vocals (that gets annoying to me in the long run) and good guitarwork with some nice leads. The music has a lot of contradictions. Once it is almost accoustic and once (track 8) it is full speed double bass runs. For me this band is to diverse like they don't knowing where to go and I think they should make more faster songs (like track 8) and combining it with the good guitarriffs and leads.

1. Exorcist and orchestra
2. Desert hunters and orchestra
3. Elders blood and orchestra
4. To forget and orchestra
5. Ligeia
6. Raise your ears
7. When I have lost
8. Desideratum
9. Exorcist
10. Desert hunters
11. Elders blood
12. To forget

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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