Raspatul - Promo 2004

Long time no hear from Raspatul (Singapore) since their 2002 demo "Menghitung Ajal". So the good news is that they are still making music but the bad news is that it's last recording with the vocalist Ayim after his fatal accident. Raspatul's style is a mix of violent thrash with death edges. Typical confronting thrash guitarriffs, changeable tempo beats and the aggressive vocals. The first track is great with all the changes. Track 2 is a totally demorecording from 2001 and proofing they developed a lot. As a bonus there are 4 live videosclips from 2003. Quality is not superb but giving a good impression. And the best thing is that Calvin is wearing his BRUTALISM shirt!!!

1. The Perfect Realm Of Jharkyannarkh
2. Breaking

Live videos
1. Breaking
2. Menghitung Ajal
3. God Of Perverse
4. Black Messiah

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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