Ravenous - Blood Delirium

Ravenous is back with a shocking disc full of horror filthy death metal. 11 Tracks full of primitive disguisting lyrics and dito songtitles. The disc starts with a Black Sabbath like intro and switch smoothly to some fast played death metal song. The songs are raw and mean with tempo changed parts, nasty guitarleads and threatening vocals. The disc comes with a videoclip of the tracks "Mordum/August underground" full of shocking moments but hilarious at the same time. Nice sick disc.

1. Razor blade salvation
2. Mordum
3. August underground
4. Gore whore
5. Baptized by demon’s piss
6. Nightmares in a damaged brain
7. Festering beneath the fog
8. A corpse is forever
9. Blood delirious
10. Spawned by ghoul insemination
11. You will be eaten alive

CDROM track

Red Stream Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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