Raw Decimating Brutality - Obra O Diablo!!!

Raw Decimating Brutality is exactly that. To hear it is to get hit by a freight train from this Porgutal based Brutal Death Metal band that borders Grindcore, but doesn't quite cross that threshold as they are far too 'groove oriented' to hit that obliterating level of music. The music sounds like a cross between earlier Cannibal Corpse with the vocals of recent Torture Killer- deep and difficult to hear, not just because they are in Portugese, but rather due to tone despite the clear production, which is a bit of a contrast because the rest of the music and instruments sounds gritty and raw it it just steamrolls its way through listeners without any remorse. The tracks like "As Portas Vieram Trocadas" and "Furto Na Obra" just go full force with a mix of guttural growls and more high pitched wailings that sound as if Gollum from Lord Of The Rings joined a Metal band (which he probably did once he went to Hell) and will appeal to Grindcore fans, but the intensity is at least enough not to completely blow anyone out of the water and feel like the music is just senseless noise.

Other tracks like "A palete Passou-me À'rasar" slows things down a bit and includes more Death Metal oriented rhythms that are groovy and accessible, even for the most begrudging Grindcore fan. The album mostly hits pretty hard and will pretty much scare away those who think bands like Five Finger Death Punch or Killswitch Engage is a true voice of intense Metal, but at the same time it may interest them at the new limits they see being pushed in genres of Metal they may not have experienced yet. There is even a sample of Raw Decimating Brutality performing live on "Estrume À Bruta" but the sound is thicker and the production a bit muddled, especially on the vocal front. Still, Raw puts on a good Death Metal show that once can just envision the mosh pits going insane over, and lives up to completely destroying the stage with as much ferocity as they put into their studio records. This release is a good choice for fans of Death Metal for the most part, though Grindcore fans who are into a group such as Napalm Death could probably sit well with this.


  1. A Massa Gretou-me A Mão
  2. Andaime Infernal
  3. As Portas Vieram Trocadas
  4. Chapar Massa À Talocha
    As Portas Vieram Trocadas
  5. Furto Na Obra
  6. A palete Passou-me À'rasar
  7. Limpei O Cu A Um Saco De Cimento
  8. Napalm Na Obra
  9. O Muro Está Mal Pintado
  10. Obra Itinerante
  11. Calhau No Quintal
  12. Estrume À Bruta (Live)