Raxa - Oxlahun Ti Ku

"Rabinal Achi" was an album released in 2006 by multi instrumentalist/vocals Lefthander. Lefthander is a guy from Russia and he has great interest in the old Aztecs as his songs are sung in their language. Not many people will understand them but it has something to do with sacrificals to the sun to keep life on earth. So know you know where he is growling about and it explains the cover artwork.
Musically you hear dark doomish metal with tribal chaos atmosphere. So in the song the structure changes and you can imagine you are among them with a rite. You feel the heartbeats, their breathings. Also mixing some black metal elements in the tracks to get if more frightend but then changes to moody ethno atmospheres.
The idea behind this is great but instead of doing it alone it would be better asked some help. The drums could have improvement as it fails sometimes. But overal the atmosphere on the album is cool and relaxing.

1. Ni Cah Raxa
2. Oxlahun Ti Ku
3. Tzonimolco
4. Mimixcoa Incuic
5. Citlalin Calpolli
6. Xipe Totec
7. Tlaloc
8. Lamat
9. Ma Xipatinemi
10. Nahua Cochi

Stygian Crypt Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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