Re123+ - Magi

Droning Doom music is a tough one to produce well and to keep it interesting, in the world of drone there is only a handful( if that ) of innovators and a million others that simply copy a formula. Sometimes copying a formula can work, that is the case of Re123+ who are a Belorussian band and this is their debut album titled "Magi". Everything about this band is strange, the band name itself, the album artwork, some of the instruments they use, which one is accordion and the concept behind the songs. The album is suppose to take you to the past, demonstrating the ancient story of adoration of Magi to the listener as an astrological story. Sorry didn't work for me but still the whole concept is a intriguing one. I know very little about the band except its made up of four guys, Ljubychev on guitar, Demidenko on guitar and percussive instruments, Kozlov who seems to be the man responsible for bringing the accordion into the mix and Sudarev on drums.

The main track on the album is the nearly 30 minute long "Way To The Son". This is a challenge to sit through but there is some great moments along the way. The first 6 to 7 minutes is just guitar detonations that twist and turn, interesting for a minute or two and then begins to drag a little but when the other guitar and drums kick in, the sound is a avalanche of colossal noise. The drum sound is huge and full of echo that create a vibe that they are being played in a huge arena or a hall. This also outstays its welcome, drone bands have a habit of taking ideas and beating the hell out of them which in turn destroys the initial impact they had. Some moaning vocals come in for a while but its the last section of the track that is the highlight. De-tuned guitar gives a psychedelic edge to the track before the track moves into full-on doom mode for the remaining few minutes. There is a lot of ideas within this one track and for most of it, it is great, engaging stuff but i think it would work better chopped up into individual songs. At 30 minutes, it is a uncomfortable journey but its worth sticking it out for some of the thrills along the way.

The other two tracks of in the same vein but much much shorter so much more easily digestible. "Three In The Desert" is based around the drum-work and is one-dimensional but a enjoyable 10 minutes. "Gold, Laden" Mirra" has a Eastern vibe about it but even though its only 8 minutes, it gets boring very quickly. After all, getting through the opening 30 minute track, your listening energy is already greatly strained anyway. Musically Re123+ sits somewhere between drone-doom and post rock with a experimental edge, but i am not too sure if your typical Sunn O))) or Earth fan will like this or not. This is a very strange album even by those standards. The booklet features citations from "The Island of the Day Before" by famous postmodernist Umberto Eco along with photo art by members of Re123+. My feeling is if "Way To The Son" was cut in smaller sections, the album would have been better. I personally feel that is the downfall of a lot of drone albums, they take a idea and play it to death but this is still a decent album of droning doom, you just have to be in the mood to take it all in.

1 . Way To The Son
2. Three In A Desert
3. Gold, Ladan, Mirra

BadMoodMan Records
Reviewer: Ed
Apr 21, 2010

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