Red Dead – Forest Of Chaos

This is the very first time I’ve heard something about these Red Dead, french trio active since 2011. This “Forest Of chaos” should be the second official full length after “Therapy Of The Evil” published in 2017.

Fortunately it was a nice surprise because these guys have released a really interesting album from all points of view. 12 songs, including intro and outro, which faithfully retrace the path of a fierce and powerful thrash/death metal. The first notes of ‘Funeral Path’ prepare us for the opening track called ‘Forest Of Flesh’, song that starts with a rhythm so dear to the famous polish act Vader. Tight and square rhythms united by a really deep voice that takes us to the most direct old school without any kind of modern contamination.

The following ‘The Gatekeeper’ with his strong mid tempos brings us to know the back ground of the band, which grew up on bread and death metal trespassing in territories so dear to the old and great Six Feet Under, Debauchery and old Deicide.

Although Red Dead haven’t invented anything new, the album makes itself heard very willingly. In ‘Red Eyes Children’ we can notice their more “catchy” part where the construction of the song starts from sounds very close to the good old teutonic thrash. In the same way the following “Old skull road” retraces the compositional mood until the observation that the french trio knows how to move well within these sounds.

As I was writing a while ago, the Red Dead guys didn’t actually create an excellent album but I think it would have more voice if it had been considered by a more specific style in my opinion. The intentions are not bad, the desire and all the ideas are there. They should focus on them, choose the best ones and work on them.

Honest work, I highly recommend buying them.

Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti

Mar 4, 2020

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Red Dead – Forest Of Chaos

review Red Dead - Forest Of Chaos

1. Funeral Path
2. Forest Of Flesh
3. The Gatekeeper
4. Butcher's Pray
5. Black Valley
6. Red Eyes Children
7. Old Skull Road
8. Antidote Trap
9. Servant Of The Death
10. Epidemic Fangs
11. Wind Of Chaos
12. Into The Void


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