Red Snow - The Fifth

Hailing from California, Red Snow is out with their first full length album entitled "The Fifth". This hardcore metal band combines thrashy heavy music with some crazy evil vocals to create something so original and masterful it will blow your mind. Produced by Levon Sultanian (Abloom, Onesidezero) mixed & mastered by the legendary Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Incubus, Pantera) this album is a carnival ride into an evil dream that you cannot escape. The vocals on this album are amazing. Award winning vocalist, Jezter Detroit has incredible range and ability. At times comparable to Rob Halford of Judas Priest and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. The crazy, hypnotic, and almost operatic yet hardcore tone of the vocals give this album it's originality and distinctness which sets it apart from other metal albums. The powerful electric guitar riffs coming from Vahe “V” Marzbetuny are non-stop. Incredible screaming guitar solos and eerie riffs showcase the absolute powerhouse guitar work on this album. The drums, coming from Chris Daniel, are hit with lightning speed and accuracy. The tempo changes are seamless. The bass work from Zareh “Big Daddy Z” Marzbetuny is top notch...carrying the rhythm of the album with preciseness. The ambient keyboard work of Jack “Mr. Jack” Kurdian provides great atmosphere as it brings your mind to an eerie place. Furthermore, the song writing creates a stir of emotion and takes you on a journey into the mind of a mad man. This is one of the most original albums I've heard this year and the variety of the album is tremendous. So strap yourself in and get ready for the ride of your life...You will not be disappointed with this one.

Jezter Detroit - Lead Vocals
Vahe Marzbetuny - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Zareh Marzbetuny - Bass Guitar
Jack Kurdian - Keyboards
Chris Daniel - Drums

1. Mental Continental
2. Sir Ender
3. Lamb Of Silence
4. Sugar Daddy
5. The Fifth
6. Fight Club
7. Ladybug
8. My January
9. Dzagheegner
10. Star Struck

Self released
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Jun 2, 2010

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