Redimoni - Standing Before The End Of Time

This is an album with possibly the most irritating vocal style on this planet, Redimoni are from Spain and this is thrash metal. More akin to the speedier European style, little gut kickers like ‘Pragmatic Sorcery’ stand out for its groove and for the prize of being the weightiest sounding track from the release. Previous to this, it is all very much heads down and batter the hell out of your instruments. As I hinted upon earlier, I cannot find fault with the music, but the vocals are very nasal, screechy and annoying to the point of disgust. Some sounds on the album are a little thin too, it almost sounds like a demo quality recording and a few of the tracks appear to be at different levels, maybe I have missed something, but I am pretty positive. So now that I have got that off my chest, the remainder of the album continues to engage in a full epileptic mode of delivery, which is not a bad thing to be fair to the band.

This oddball style is also evident in the bands stage names, I mean “Perverted Lust Monster Devoted to Vices of Eternal Damnation” and “The Atomic Puppeteer Ruler Of The Everlasting Fate Of Mankind” is pretty far out there isn’t it? And that is just two of the quartet. As a listener, if you embrace this style and I suppose this humour it will eventually lead you to observe that Redimoni are at least very consistent but it does seem to drag on a bit. The album feels longer than what it actually is in running time terms, I don’t know how this is, but I do feel that a lot of these songs merge into one leading to a little listening complacency and loss of concentration, maybe it’s me trying to find something genuinely ground breaking from this album, especially as their earlier material had much more bite and a little more blackening influence than this. ‘Standing Before the End of Time’ sounds a little innocent by comparison.

Not a bad release if you overcome the vocals but it is not something I’ll be rushing out to herald in the future. I do enjoy the music for what it is, but that is all, with such overbearing screeches being a regular occurrence would be unjust to myself if I was to fully embrace this.


  1. The End Times
  2. Cast Into The Valley Of Hinnom
  3. Shrapnel Wounds
  4. To The Gallows
  5. Towards Destruction
  6. Journey To The Netherworld
  7. Drifting Into Oblivion
  8. The Abyss
  9. Pragmatic Sorcery
  10. Dragged To The Bottom Of The Depths
  11. Facing Pazuzu
  12. The Ultimate Victory