Redimoni - The Onset Of Chaos

That thrash metal is still populair proves this Spanish band. Redimoni is hailing from the great city of Barcelona and found the time to release their debut. On this album you hear 8 tracks of thrash metal played in the 80s. Based on German bands and added US thrash to it. Similarities enough but who cares. Songs that rage on fanatic guitarriffs (with leads) and raw and raspy vocals. Not only fast parts but also lots of tempo changes. A nice MCD to headbang, drink beer and play airguitar. Thrash till death!!

1. Desperta Ferro
2. Defenestration
3. Crawling Ghouls
4. MetalHeart
5. Set Fire To Their Lands
6. The Harvesters
7. Terminating Rain
8. The Seven Plagues Unleashed

Witched Brew
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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