Rejekts - Adamo

Whilst the band's name might provoke some indignation from that of a punk rock / ska based band, this is definitely not the case when it comes to the 2021 sophomore album release of "Adamo", by the Italian blackened-grind quintet, Rejekts. That's not to say there's absolutely no punk element within the writing of "Adamo", since the grind aspect is almost forever present, but this isn't exactly your average "Hey ho let's go" singalong record.

"Adamo" begins with the eerie and tense introduction of 'Samsara' - an interesting opener that lures the listener into unexpected territories whilst also not quite submitting the band's full sound straight away, leaving much for the listener to wait for in anticipation. It does however reveal the black metal side of Rejekts, but done in a more elegant-drone genre with vocals spewing over the top. It's terrifying but partially because of the screamed vocals that largely combat the slight instrumental aspect, combined with the track's hefty length, any new listener of the band would not have a scooby what is coming next.

To avoid spoilers, go listen to the record now. But if you're not bothered, then you'll be surprised by the vocalist's yelps, yaps and bark style vocals over a crust-based riff spewage. Worthy assault that any grind or black metal band lunatic can get onboard with, as a combination of multiple extreme genres are unleashed. The drone genre does return a few songs into the album, again creating that atmospheric build-up before a copy & paste of the grind and blast following on from the next track.

Rejekts have attempted to craft a record that could sneakily fit into almost any metal collector's record collections. The low-end production ticks all the boxes for black metal elitists, and the grindcore elements almost belong to that of a hardcore fan. Whilst the record itself is certainly clever, enabling these successful ventures, there's an overwhelming feeling that the band could do something more bold and demanding on their next dollop of bizarre ideas for a follow-up, using the same plot but with perhaps more diversity within.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Samsara
2. L'astro Del Mattino
3. In Principio Era Tiamat
4. Divorati Dal Tempo
5. Tuo Crimine Divino Fu La Gentilezza
6. Come La Tempesta E L'uragano
7. Il Quinto Sole
8. L'ariete E L'argilla
9. Enki Li Fece, Enlil Li Distrusse
10. La Torre Di Nimrod
11. Tages
12. Il Traghettatore
13. Il Giudizio Delle Potenze
14. Limbo