Relentless Aggression – A Shadow Of All Things Broken

Relentless Aggression are a classic thrash metal band paying a great deal of homage to the old school era of thrash metal. This can definitely be told from listening to their music as it almost identical to early Metallica with some differences.

Old school thrash metal can be easily identified by the fast-distorted guitar and powerful drumming sections alongside shouty/screaming vocals and Relentless Aggression has this.

The album opens with ‘Epitome Of Resentment’ which directly kicks you its main riff and zooms directly into the album. The guitar work behind this album is by far the best aspect of the whole album so I suggest if you’re a fan of the groovier side of thrash and guitar work in general then I would highly suggest listening to Relentless Aggression. However, we are also met with a ongoing problem with the album, that being the vocals. Unfortunately, the vocal work behind this album hasn’t seemed have mixed all to well into the rest of the track sounding as it if the vocals haven’t been mixed correctly into the tracks so they stick out like a saw thumb.

‘My Wrath Prevails’ starts off once again with a unique kick ass guitar riff and soon an edgy drum pattern comes to join. Once again, the vocals come in however this time they sound as the vocalist has put in too much effort to scream whilst not actually screaming so they sound awful.

After the third song we notice a pattern in the album that being that the whole album sounds the same. Every song starts with a guitar riff similar to others on the album then a similar drum pattern and finally the dreadful vocals come in.

However, don’t let this put you off Relentless Aggression they are still an incredibly talented band with near perfect guitar work put in behind it and the riffs are catchy. This album is truly a great homage to the early days of thrash metal, and I think if Relentless Aggression were around at the same time as original the big four they would fit in great.

To summarise this album has plenty of highs and lows and I am excited to see the future for Relentless Aggression.

2 / 5 STARS

Self released
Reviewer: Tom Peppard

Apr 6, 2021

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Relentless Aggression – A Shadow Of All Things Broken

review Relentless Aggression - A Shadow Of All Things Broken

1. Epitome Of Resentment
2. My Wrath Prevails
3. The Art Of Self Destruction
4. Time To Die
5. Flawed
6. From Beyond
7. End Of Religion
8. Scorched Earth
9. Living, Lying, Dying
10. Miscreation


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