Remains In A View - Elegies

'Elegies' is a hit or miss metalcore album. Layered with boastful technical guitar riffs throughout, proving definitely as the album's highlight. Vocals spew out, at times sounding slightly guttural, but 90% of the time sticking to throaty-screams, a little variety in this section wouldn't go amiss. The carefully constructed instrumental beauty side to this album is really what saves it from drowning. Tracks like 'Sleepwalker Blues' would make an excellent opener to a live show, engaging it's audience in some form of trance.

Despite the album eventually blurring into one song, there are some moments within where you can really tell Remains In A View have a chance at getting somewhere, especially within 'Travelers', one of the album's more favourable tracks, as well as the album finale 'The Deepest Black'. Both tracks prove progression from the others, gaining additional browny-points in my books for a more interesting aspect on the metalcore scene.

The entire metalcore genre is in a halted state, either you're doing what Bring Me The Horizon, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, or The Devil Wears Prada are doing, or you're probably stuck in the categories  of repeated, bland, and boring bands. Luckily for Remains In A View, I think the passion, energy and production quality offers the band better luck than most, and in no doubt is this luck returned to them, or if not perhaps one day it shall.

  1. The Void
  2. Shipwreck Of Existence
  3. So Far From The Truth
  4. Crossing The Line
  5. As Moments Becomes Memories
  6. Sleepwalker Blues
  7. Left Undone
  8. Travelers
  9. The Deepest Black