Remnants Of Tortured - Chainsaw

In the year of 2012, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico; Remnants Of Tortured were born onto this vile, filthy planet. The next year we undeserving filth were subjected to "Headless Sodomizer", Remnants Of Tortured debut, a crushing tour deforce of chugging brutality. Groove oriented, chromatic based, palm muted riffs, mid-tempo rhythms, paired with blast beats, bass drops and uber-low guttural death vocals. Now in 2019 we grimy humanoids are dealt the "Chainsaw". Slamming brutal death metal is the name of the game here. Or just slam metal, slam for even shorter.

Speaking of names, I can only assume Remnants Of Tortured got their name from one of their listed (on their Facebook page) influences; Abominable Putridity. Who is also a very good slam band. And much like the aforementioned band not to far back, Remnants Of Tortured are one of the few truly slam bands that I can actually and factually enjoy. So much of this sub-genre as of late is derivative, trend hopping and boring that it is just, let's be honest here,  pure fucking garbage. As with any genre, sub-genre and all there is your good and their is your bad, and with slam there is a lot more bad than there is good. Luckily, "Chainsaw" here, helps Remnants Of Tortured fit into that small good side of this sub-genre that I enjoy.

"Chainsaw" just sounds great all around. First off, as with slamming brutal death metal in general, the production is extremely clear, precise and super, super bass heavy. Every instrument and vocal hit are represented in a way that they are all clearly recognizable as an individual but they also all play extremely well with each other. No level is too high or too low in the mix, pristine and bright while being brutal and heavy. Just great. Secondly, Remnants Of Tortured are just great at writing slam songs that, honestly, can actually hold your interest throughout. They stay primarily in the mid-tempo pace that slam is known for but vary things up just enough not to sound like derivative and snooze inducing garbage. Songs morph and change and stay interesting. Third, these guys can really play. Not every run is cave man simplicity. Yes, they can be simplistic but they also can throw down some tasty technicality from time to time. So, yeah, overall, Remnants Of Tortured's "Chainsaw" is a very good album from a sub-genre that usually disappoints me but not this time.


1. The Cut
2. Venemous Breed
3. Inducing Violent Prolapse
4. Forced Autoamputation
5. The Great Collapse
6. Drowned By Ejaculation
7. Necrorgy
8. Unglory Hole
9. Chainsaw
10. The Deformed