Repaid In Blood - Reflective Duality

Self labelling their sound as "Geek metal" will always have its pros and cons for California's most brutal band, as Repaid In Blood drop their 2021 album "Reflective Duality" - their second album in their fifteen year life span. The album covers the essential conditions for those looking for something recent among a crowded scene. Often able to surpass their core limitations and enter groove ladened, progressive death metal dimensions.

Whilst the band's main single 'Wake Up, Time To Die' becomes the least exciting among them, third track in 'Thots & Surveyors' hails as one of the album's highlights with its melodic solos and crushing breakdowns, polished with a gleaming production and plenty of captivating vocal hooks from vocalist Darrel, as well as the many guest spots throughout the record. It's difficult to confirm what each sample is from, but any true nerd would easily spot the obvious Cheech & Chong, and Star Wars glimpses here, which only confirm the band's genre identity further.

Whilst Repaid In Blood often rely too much on their use of breakdowns, there's still points of validation within that redeem the record entirely. Their groove infused riffs, excellent modern production and engaging samples used, all help build towards a finer goal that Repaid In Blood could definitely achieve in years to come. For now, "Reflective Duality" implements some of the finer moments in core, and will remain an underground essential between the few genres it delivers mostly for.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Intro
2. Wake Up, Time To Die
3. Thots & Purveyors
4. He's No Good To Me Dead
5. Ritualistic Stoning
6. Rebel Scum
7. Dave's Not Here Man
8. Molotov Circumcision

Self released
Reviewer: Max James
Mar 19, 2021
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