Repugnance - Seeds Of Oppression

I remember seeing these guys at Malta Deathfest 2014, and trembled with fear. Their music was full of wrath and they could give that on stage. I remember getting wasted and missing the chance to get their CD, and how frustrated I felt after realizing it. And now here I am listening to their 2014 EP (which is their only release so far) and feeling the same twitch in the spine I felt back then. Only a bit more, cos this is studio time and in studio everything usually sounds perfect.

So "Seeds Of Oppression" is the first EP of this Maltese brutal death metal band and truly believe me when I am saying that, there's no better way to start one's discography. Repugnance play a really versatile type of brutal death metal. It is brutal indeed, but on the same time they don't forget to groove it up and to add crazy leads here and there making the whole outcome more diverse. But let's start from the beginning. Repugnance is a god hating band and this get's obvious really early. Before even the music breaks off. Their cover and their song titles reek of disgust for anything divine, and utterly this is something engulfed to their music. A short intro and then all hell breaks loose. Blasting it mostly but also grooving occasionally. Their death metal is turned facing the goal of extremity so do not expect melodic interleaves here and more thoughtful breaks. All you'll find here is extremity in its most outrageous form by those Maltese demons.

The guitar riffs are intense and sharp, creating a really fertile ground for the drums to unleash their fury. And we're talking about real fury here. Ferocious drumming aiming to the xtreme side of it. No thoughts of cooling the thing down, and of course the groovy parts are sooo heavy that will even the balance of xtreme and groove. The bass guitar's sound is choking and muddy adding the perfect amount of dirt to the entire sound. Of course in this sector the production helps a lot as it is the perfect production to my licking. Dirty and muddy equals heavy and aggressive. Yep. That is the secret lads. It is brutal death metal, so it should be muddy. I believe these guys here have nailed it. The vocals are the last part to this atrocity. Simply brutal as they can get. Following an excellent flow, and really adding heaviness to the entire outcome. Summing up I just have to say that "Seeds Of Oppression" is not to be taken light. It is for real. Repugnance is for real and this is their way to prove it. Great EP and a great way for a band to start its era.

  1. Priest Of Impurity
  2. Seeds Of Oppression
  3. Violent Beheading
  4. Mortal Degradation
  5. Relentless Slaughter