Repugnance - Shrouds Of Deceit

With the EP of 2014 still sounding fresh, here come the Maltese butchers of Repugnance to ravage our eardrums once again with this first full length of them named "Shrouds Of Deceit". Razor sharp riffs, brutal, guttural vocals, relentless drums, all with a great flow, forming great song constructions. 8 new tracks, odes to brutal death metal taking the story one step further than where they left it back at 2014 with "Seeds Of Oppression".

8 new tracks in a total time length of 35 minutes. 'Insolence Incarnate' breaks the silence and after a short intro it comes in, rabid. Great riffing sharp and swirling, followed by a bulldozer heavy bass and low gutturals. Great drum patterns and ferocious drumming in general, keeping the whole thing together. 'Scourge And Ruin' leaves no space for doubt. Repugnance is for real and this first full length of them is probably giving them a place among the best releases of 2019. The riffs are simply vicious. Sharp and full of edges which of course are pointed out by the excellent production. Couldn't be better for this type of brutality Repugnance want to deliver. Crystal clear and loud but on the same time soooo muddy giving the entire outcome a heaviness unmatched.

Songs succeed one another and you won't even realize how it got to the last one. 'Feast Of Debauchery' is the one having the most grooves if I am not mistaken. The way they manage to balance between rabid blasting outbursts and groove is exquisite. On one hand you got the ferocious, super-fast blast beats upon technical and relentless brutal death metal riffs and on the other you got grooves making you wanting to grow your hair back (or buy a wig!) so you could headbang properly once more.

The second hearing, once made more cautious will reveal things you wouldn't notice upon the first. Tracks like 'A Desolate Malice', 'Shackled At Birth', and 'Parallels Of Obscurity', take it to the next level. Technicality is something these lads have tamed. All their riffs and patterns, reek of it but on the same time they have the discipline to use it wise without getting boring. 8 tracks filled with hateful rimes and vicious chords forming a brutal death metal album ready to devour you. Great album cover and much love from these Maltese ravagerzzz! What more is there to want?


1. Insolence Incarnate
2. Scourge And Ruin
3. Abhorrent Resurrection
4. A Desolate Malice
5. Shrouds Of Deceit
6. Shackled At Birth
7. Parallels Of Obscurity
8. Feast Of Debauchery