Reputdeath - Demo II

This is raw death metal from Malaysia released on cassette (but also available digitally on the groups band camp site). The overall sound of this is late 80’s, recorded in a shoebox, very raw, filthy, but this way, enjoyable. The style goes from Nihilist and old demo era Mantas/Death to the doomier elements of Celtic Frost and Autopsy. A mix that is favourable in the current scene, it also helps with a love for the dead and in particular zombies, which is a reoccurring theme of the release. Each track is cool, ‘The Graverobber’ in particular, whilst you try to stop your head exploding from the madness you will be party to a good carnal attack of the undead.

You kind of know what you will get, I don’t feel the need to delve further with this one. It’s a strong effort but I make no excuses, its really bloody raw and filthy. This is what makes it exciting in some places.

  1. Invasions Of Death (Intro)  
  2. Corpse Of The Dead  
  3. Tarman  
  4. Carnal Disease  
  5. The Graverobber  
  6. Dawn Of The Dead (Outro)

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 23, 2017
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