Requiem For A Scream - Requiem For A Scream

Experimental cybergrind that is good sick fun. Inspired by the Darren Aronofsky film, no doubt (the 8th track, R.F.D. is a direct sample), some of the tracks resemble the soundtrack to a movie. Requiem For A Scream appears to be the two-man project of Jean Pier Koffe and Al Bundy. Many of the tracks are low-fi goregrind, not without its nasty charm. This album is an excursion into chaotic noise, rife with growling, gurgling chants, rancid guitar riffage and lots of computerized instrumentation gone bad (esp. percussion). The end result is pure random sonic mayhem.

1. Euthanasie
2. Guilty
3. Death Silence
4. Nemesis
5. You Loose
6. No Coment
7. Last Days
8. R.F.D.
9. Agony Frequency
10. Genocide
11. Requiem For A Crime
12. Plot
13. Exterminate
14. Slave
15. Blood Obsession
16. Bugy

Self released
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009
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