Requiem - Formed At Birth

Swiss warmachine called Requiem is punishing you with eardeafing tracks. Blistering double bass clicks, brutal vocals and razoring riffing. Remind me a bit of Malevolent Creation but is this harmful? No way, the 11 tracks are bombs and must be heard. Tempo of the songs is mainly fast but there are also breaks in the songs. Melody can be discovered. Only questionmark can be placed by the track 10 the techno hardcore mix. Why do this? It ain''t adding anything xtras...

1. River of blood
2. Child of a new generation
3. Mind control
4. Formed at birth
5. Alone
6. Sentenced to death
7. Murder u.s.a.
8. Kill-fuck-die
9. Living in misery
10. Murder u.s.a.
11. Fuck-kill-die

Revenge Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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