Requiem - Lock The Dead

7th Release of this brutal USA band. Playin death thrash metal in short explosive songs. Heavy and aggressive guitarriffing with some leads, raw screamy vocals and a drumound that could have been thicker. Like said before short songs that are diverse in tempo and change easily. The melody is made by the riffs while it is not atmospheric melodic metal. Musically it is a bit build on the old school death thrash bands and so you can hear some influences you like back in the days. I listened to this advanced copy with pleasure and think this band would be fun on stage.

1. Lock the dead
2. Dead zone
3. Black moon
4. Spontaneous combustion
5. E Waltz
6. The day the lights went out
7. Concrete burial
8. Lost in reality
9. Destroyer of life
10. Icepick
11. Bomb grade plutonium and nukewaste
12. Beat her up James

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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