Requiem - Volume 6

Requiem (U.S.) went on tour in Peru in 2001 and recorded most of the songs on this disk. Playing a strange style of deathmetal with other "old" metal influences together with the productions make this sound fucking obscure. Simplistic yet effective riffs and drumming combined with hardcore vocals suffering from frustration. In your face oldschool metal completed with some nice solos and a great live atmosphere. This is what I call crazy.....

1. Grave
2. The pain inside me
3. Strike your idols down
4. Suffer
5. Diez te uno
6. Government
7. The sky is falling in
8. Unjustifiable
9. The angels will fall
10. Cryout
11. Zero Nation
12. Enemy

Ketzer Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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