Resection -Zenith

Resection is a band from Germany and they got signed by Unmatched Brutality, famous for thieir hideous and brutal signings. "Zenith" is no exeption and Resection is throwing 9 blasting tracks in your fucking face. Double bass drums loops, growling grunts in fast tunes. Tunes that not only go like a stampede but with the necessary breaks to change tempo or melody. Resection delivers a top notch album that hides a lot of skills and beauty. No fancy intros or movie samples but just brutal death metal with well thought elements that create an interesting releases. Very interesting so check it out.

1. The Manhattan Project
2. Sambik Saru Or The Three No-Evil Monkeys
3. Effect Of My Inner Conflict
4. Dehydration Of Industrial Land
5. Intolerance And Ban
6. Preprogrammed End
7. From Murder To Genocide
8. Pursuit Of Illusion
9. Putative Unison

Unmatched Brutality Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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