Resistance - Trauma

Resistance is releasing their debut album after their 2004 demo "Unknown Fear". Those songs are re-recorded and also appear on this album. Resistance plays a combination of death metal, thrash and hardcore. Expect heavy and swampy riffs, beating rhythms and mosh parts. Vocals are aggressive shouted like hardcore bands with some grunts as back up vocals. An album with a solid and full sound that really blows you away. Nothing new under the sun but a nice album and a band that should create a kick ass pit. Maybe you can try it out as they tour this fall with Pro Pain.

1. Sick Of Life
2. Dead And Me
3. A Voice In My Head
4. Apocalypse
5. Awake From Darkness
6. Trauma
7. Still Water Runs Deep
8. Unknown Fear
9. Blackheart
10. My World

Apache Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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