Restless Oblivion - Sands Of Time

Russian doom/gothic music with extreme brutal death metal vocals every now and again is not something I am too familiar with I have to say, the band name could suggest a love for Anathema, but that is not something I can confirm, it’s only an assumption. This band concentrates their arsenal towards a snail’s pace of movement but fire up vocals from the pits of ones guts, an eclectic mix for sure, but not something that works out too well for me.

I found this album quite monotonous and dull at times, there is a sense that this is too sombre, too downbeat; I don’t feel any connection at all to the sounds produced here. Granted, this is terrifyingly heavy, but lacks a spark to ignite major interest from the vocal which is my main sticking point. The music is quite mournful funeral doom and like early Peaceville label efforts (Like most form this label I have found!), but to the releases credit, this is something of a strong foundation, even if it sends you to a state of unwilling unconsciousness. Sound samples are a bug bearer of mine, and we have a few on tracks such as ‘Like the Hope of Escape’ and in the title track of the release. Speaking of ‘Sands of Time’, there is a real ambient with the keyboard and piano intro, that develops a nice relaxing sensation, even with the guitars added, but the vocal strikes a harsh level of reality and I believe the piano overshadows the guitar, especially so when the quitter spoken vocal parts act out and you wonder what direction the band are actually striving for.

The music is in places atmospheric and creates a combination of sombre ambience, but the album lacks a good enough vocal to convey or rather enforce these mixed emotions to the listener no matter how thoughtful the arrangements aim to be. This is definitely a release for the die-hard fans of the genre, but it’s not one that I can whole heartedly enjoy.

  1. Prologue
  2. Deadline Of Essence
  3. Edge Of Existence
  4. Resolution Of Slavish Pain
  5. Like The Hope Of Escape
  6. Sands Of Time
  7. Our Tunnel Light
  8. Sin Of Pure Life
  9. Epilogue