Resurgency - False Enlightenment

Featuring members of Necrovorous ‘False Enlightenment’ is US influenced death metal (Deicide, early-Death, Massacre etc…) from Greece at its best, the guitar riffs themselves are honed and crafted in such a way that compliments the time changes and rhythm feel pouring out of each and every note and there is a consistent frantic display of energy. Resurgency have previously released a split album and demo, this is their first proper full length album, make no bones about it, this is how to play proper classic death metal.

As each track passes, I’m pummelled into submission, the wall of sound and tight intricate picking nature of the music is simply breath-taking just like the speed and aggression of ‘Dark Revival’. Intricate time signature changes increases the atmospherics and the haunting vocal howl entertains just as much giving the sound an organic tone. ‘Mouth Of Hades’ has one of those classic death metal riffs that you wish you had come up with, it’s very Cannibal Corpse, by that I mean the technicality coupled with the musical precision, something that this label are becoming a dab hand at finding I have to say!

Resurgency live and breathe classic US death metal, they have the technical ability, they have the organic nature of the beast and don’t appear to rely on studio trickery to perform their art and you will be blown away by tracks like ‘Psychosis’ that has a little of everything, slow doomy sections, intense battering ram pieces of speed picking and artificial harmonics that take your hearing from you and a chugging juggernaut that has certainly been through quality control. ‘False Enlightenment’ is a release that could be considered a death metal classic had it been released by two or three of the big names in the US scene, therefore you need to take a listen to this album, at least to make sense of my madness anyway!


  1. Craniums Of Slain Disciples
  2. Ending The Beginning
  3. Black Holes of Antiverse
  4. Dark Revival
  5. False Enlightenment
  6. Hideous Premonition
  7. Where Despair Dominates
  8. Mouth Of Hades
  9. Psychosis
  10. Binding Is Fatal

Reviewer: twansibon
Sep 24, 2012

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