Resurrected - Endless Sea Of Loss

With "Endless Sea Of Loss" German death metal band Resurrected is releasing their fifth studio album. Not counting the intro and outro you get 8 tracks of brutal US styles death metal. The double bass drum starts after the intro and it rages on the whole disc. Tempo is fast but it has the breakdowns to gasp some air. Deep growling vocals that stays in the same range and never doing something wicked. Resurrected is continuing their path but the album is a bit too safe. Of course it is brutal as fuck but it is also predictable. You might have heard it before and it would be better if they give their next recording more twists and unexpected hooks. That would make them step out of the clones for sure.

1. Intro
2. Hidden By Disguise
3. Seducer Of Mankind
4. Bloodmarked
5. Until You Kill Yourself
6. Smouldering Human Compost
7. ...And She Loves It Anal
8. An Obseding End
9. End Of A Decade
10. Outro

Morbid Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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