Resurrected - Morbus

Barbarity has found its shelter under the wings of the demon called Resurrected. That is the main word that stroked me when I first came up with the beast's new EP for 2012 with title "Morbus". The German quartet has done it once again, delivering raw and uncut brutality straight in your face. For those who are not familiar with the band, I have to tell you that Resurrected is one of the oldest bands in the death metal genre! With 6 studio albums, 2 demos, 2 EPs, a split CD and a DVD. Not bad huh? Those gentlemen really know how to serve brutality and they are also very strict when it comes to it! Raw!! Plain and simple. No technicalities unnecessary, no xtra fuzz on drums no xtra shit at all.

When it comes to death metal, Resurrected give it simple and as motherfucking brutal as it gets. And why should it be anyway else? These guys breathe into the death sound since 1995. Lot of experience on their backs. Their new EP carries on the legacy of good and brutal music. Three songs of their own and two covers, 'Dawn Of Eternity' Of Massacre and 'Self Bias Resistor' from Fear Factory. The three new Resurrected songs, are fine pieces of demolition in the genre. Straight in your face death metal. Brutal and simple. Riffs easy to memorize, death metal drums with a pattern variety from blast beat to thrash metal, all translated to gain the most brutal aspect out of everything. A spine breaking bass line that follows the drums on every line and a great growler that never exaggerates, but gives his 100% brutality when asked to do so. All of that, boosted from the great performance of the band and the great production. Loud and clear but rusty as it should be. The entire release gives us the chills on what to expect from their new full length. Now on the cover section. Both of the cover's are performed excellent, and we wouldn't be expecting less from a band as Resurrected.

My only objection and it is just my humble opinion on the cover matter. When I listen to a cover song, I consider it successful when a band manages to make it sound like it was their own. So I was expecting a more Resurrectish version of the Fear Factory cover. Great reproduction of the song but nothing more. Anyway this is only a tiiiiiny black spot to this whole pit of wrath. It might as well be my personal shitty opinion right? So all you growlers out there... give this bad boy a shot and feel your guts swirl. Simply brutal plain barbarity. Well done!



  1. Bewareness Of Truth
  2. Covered with maggots
  3. Dawn Of Eternity (cover Massacre)
  4. Butchered in excrement
  5. Self Bias Resistor (cover Fear Factory)