Resurrection - Soul Descent - March Of Death

Actually starting out in the 90's during death metal's original heyday. Splitting in 96 and reforming in 2005, releasing the "Ritual Slaughter" EP in 2007 and full length album "Mistaken For Dead" in 2008. 2014 see's the band return with a new frontman. Bassist and vocalist Damian Chavez fits right in giving an almighty roar and deep grunts. Opening track 'Cannibalized' start's things off nicely with melodic shredding over a blastbeat, there's an awesome solo at the end. We then get a short introduction in the form of 'March Of Death' which then leads into the EP's highlight 'Rain Of Ashes'. It's a kicking track with a massive hook riff during the chorus and a doom ridden verse, there's a bit of shredding in there and the drums are all over the place! Gabriel Lewandowski is all over his kit. 'Bringer Of death' carries things on with it's crushing, savage riffage and 'Betrayal' actually reminds me alot of early Morbid Angel, it just sounds evil!

The EP finishes with a cover of Iron Maiden's which I can take or leave to be honest. I'm not a fan of when death metal bands cover Iron Maiden. I can't recall any time where a band actually makes the song their own. (Testament did an awesome cover of 'Powerslave' but their not death metal) but they pull the song off technically speaking, it's not like they butcher it so taken as the bit it's intended to be it doesn't harm anyone.

All in all a good solid EP that breaks in the new frontman (currently not in the band anymore), a new full length will be greeted with open arms. If you like death metal the old school Florida style or you loved Massacre's triumphant earlier this year and want to keep up the pace definitely check this EP out!


  1. Cannibalized
  2. March Of Death
  3. Rain Of Ashes
  4. Bringer Of Death
  5. Betrayal
  6. The Trooper (cover Iron Maiden)