Resurrecturis - Non Voglio Morire

Resurrecturis has long been considered one of the founding fathers of the Italian death metal scene.  Founded in 1990, Carlo Strappa is the only remaining original member. Although their sound is heavily influenced by death/thrash metal they do like to vary their sound and challenge themselves to write songs that are very different from one another.

Resurrecturis has done a great job of incorporating a mix of metal genres on their album "Non Voglio Morire".  You will find death metal, melodic death metal, industrial sounds, slow harmonious sounds, clean lyrics, fast tempos, slow tempos, and growling vocals. Truly this album will not bore you and surely has something for everyone.  Carlo Strappa's varied musical ability and taste is appreciated and well represented here.

One of the heaviest and favorites off the album comes from the song "Fuck Face" where Janos Murri cleverly growls and screams the many ways to say "Fuck Face".  While, the softer, more melodic and harmonious sound comes from the last track entitled "In Retrospective". Which, as the name implies, is an introspective look at one's life accompanied by beautiful melodic guitar and piano.

This is a great album for all metal fans.  And best of all the entire album is available for download free from their website:  The commercial version of "Non Voglio Morire" includes a bonus DVD.  Also, the cover artwork is very cool, so there definitely are many reasons to buy the album.

Line Up
Carlo Strappa – guitar (vocals on "The Artist")
Janos Murri – guitar + vocals
Manuel Coccia – bass
Alessandro Vagnoni – drums
Gjergji Kora - vocals on "In Retrospective"
Gloria Strappa - female vocals

1. The Origin
2. Prologue
3. Fuck Face
4. Corpses Forever
5. The Artist
6. Save My Anger
7. Calling Our Names
8. After the Show
9. The Fracture
10. Away From the Flock
11. Where Shall I Go From Here?
12. Walk Through Fire
13. In Retrospective

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Reviewer: SweetSinz
Dec 11, 2009

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