Resuscitator - A Warrior's Death

From sunny California (U.S.A.) Resuscitator descent from the apocaypltic blackened sky to conquer earth. Blackmetal spreading hate with deathmetal guitarriffs, pounding blastbeats, mid tempo structures and harmonic sequences of doom. This disk has a dark atmosphere of occult and old school fucking metal. Vocals create extra obscurity by immortalizing readings and screams...Nothing new but a great warrior's blackened death...

1. In the night's silence
2. Blessings of satan
3. Legions from the past
4. Father of obscurity
5. Messengers of the immortal throne
6. Inititation
7. As we conquer
8. Blackened sky

Displeased Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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