Retarded Noise Squad - Bananas

It is very rare that a Grindcore band does something unique and individual that stands out from the rest, but Germany's Retarded Noise Squad create something that is anything but comparable to some of the 'retarded' Grindcore compatriots out there. On their sophomore effort 'Bananas,' the band avoids the convention use of playing at very high speeds with blistering guitars, layering deep grunts over high pitched shrieks and just a complete smattering of noise for a whole new kind of chaos. The album is extremely progressive while retaining its roots. Still mostly Death Metal with Grindcore elements, no one would expect such a thing from the violins and cello from the symphonic opening of "King Adiposity" or the inclusion of female vocals on the following "Telepathic Trance." And then suddenly everything becomes a dance fest on "Killed With Respect And Compassion." This sort of thing is well designed chaos with planning and skill on a progressive level, not on a level that anyone can just pick up a guitar and do on their own.

While the music isn't necessarily brutal in some cases with the more use of clean barking and spoken word parts amongst the growls and snarls, the guitars and drums are certainly hard when considering a track like "Bananas!" Of course, true to their style, Retarded Noise throw in a slight bit of folk elements with the group vocal chanting for a bit of the good ol' Taven Metal style. If anyone is looking for just straightforward drumming assaults, "Morbus Mansfield" should do the trick as it is less progressive and jazzy and more straightforward, but not by much. "Bapu..." is perhaps the most innovative track of all with the thick industrial layering that fades out the vocals and beats on top of percussion that again shows the band's perchant for odd, yet creative sounds within their music. Overall, this album is not something that most Death Metal fans will enjoy as it is far from conventional. However, for those looking for more progressive or just completely odd and eccentric music with somewhat of a general idea or aim to follow, then 'Bananas' will certainly be appealing to them.

  1. King Adiposity
  2. Telepathetic Trance
  3. Die Geschichte vom Suppenkaspar
  4. Killed with Respect and Compassion
  5. Nov-hell Cuisine
  6. Gorgonzilla
  7. Bananas!
  8. Morbus Mansfeld
  9. вари красна дева вари
  10. Taenia Solium