Reveal - Nocturne Of Eyes And Teeth

Formally known as Waster, these Swedish Death/Thrash/Black Metal merchants have a trick or two up their unholy sleeves, not only do they come from the same town as the mighty Watain and trailblazers In Solitude, they have a voice to be heard on their own merit. ‘Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth’ is the debut release as Reveal, and of course, high roller records give this the full vinyl treatment, authentically metal!

Musically speaking, the album is full of twists and turns, atmosphere and a certain heads down ritual of simply good musical expression. ‘Under the Temple’ certainly has an eerie intro and following this you have a classic black metal sound, verging into the territory that the first wave bands came out with and taking it just that little bit further into the past. The hordes of darkness certainly go on the prowl with each and every take, movement and chord structure. Continuing the authentic annihilation is ‘Flowers & Bones’, possessing much more groove, but with an affinity for echo/chorus driven vocals supporting the relatively straight forward musical arrangement, whilst the ancient spirits continue to twist your mind you may find some almost psychedelic experiences listening to this releases title track, and then the Mercyful Fate driven ‘Blue Demon’ riff machine keeps you entertained even further. This band has not yet performed live to the best of my knowledge, but I can tell from this album that it will be an experience worth waiting for. Epic tracks like ‘Death’ have a few twists and turns and find more homage to neighbours Watain or a similar ilk whilst retaining an old Scandinavian traditional black metal element from the 80’s.

As I am drawn into their world, that is driven by evil and death, I ponder the majestic experience, and on the whole find this a most surprising release, and certainly worth adding to your unholy collection.

  1. Under The Temple
  2. Homunculus
  3. Flowers & Bones
  4. Nocturne Of Eyes & Teeth
  5. Blue Demon
  6. Murderer
  7. Death

Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 19, 2011

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