Revel In Flesh - Manifested Darkness

I had the privilege of reviewing this band's debut album to which I gave it a stellar mark. Why? Because it was old school death metal played with a modern twist but truly embracing all the sounds and tones of yore that we all know and love. Now at this stage of the game and I mentioned it in the last review was that this style is completely, dare I say it, done to death. It's all about setting yourself aside from the rest which these guys did with their debut.

Much alike with aforementioned album, this album displays some fantastic artwork which looks absolutely stunning. The colours and tones of the cover really look splendid. Upon inserting the CD into my hifi, I paused to think for alittle bit, for I really enjoyed the debut album and generally speaking when you get that type of vibe it's really hard to be unbiased if you will. Carrying literally where "Deathevocation" left off, "Manifested Darkness" kicks off with self titled track 'Revel In Flesh', which really sets the mood for the album. Death, mayhem and chaos is surely to ensue with murderous tones from my speakers and that it does. A fine opener indeed. As expected, we have the whole package going on in the sound department i.e rusty chainsaw guitar sound with the boss HM2 pedal turned up to max, guttural vocals, screeching backing vocals thunderous bass and absolutely pounding drums. So that box is definitely ticked. One thing, I have noticed is that the speed is slightly reigned in, perhaps to bulk up the heaviness by emphasizing the slow parts. When I hear the track 'Deathmarch', I think this. Not that this is bad but it takes alittle to get the track going which really allows the vocals to really bellow and deliver with great fury. Whilst these folk are German, one would be forgiven for thinking they're Swedish in one might find it strange that when I hear some of the lead melodies, I'm instantly brought to Amorphis' debut "The Karaelian Isthmus".

There seems to be quite a mysticism in their sound which seems to be new in their sound which I can hear in the title track. Though that saying the title track opens with haunting melody that breaks into a cracking riff that gets the head nodding straight away. I have to say, I really like this track. 'Torment In Fire' opts for some mid paced riffing which I was so keen on for the very reason that the momentum of the album has somewhat dropped after that damn good title track. But all hope is not lost, that very moment as I write that last comment, 'The Maggot Colony' bursts from my speakers. Now thats the Revel In Flesh I like!!! 'Maggots In Your Coffin!', sound familiar? ha but a fuckin great tune none the less. The pace in this track is great with the vocal trade off between high and low at its most prominent. They sound great! Next track, 'Operation Citadel' brings the pace down again once again to emphasise on heaviness. Its at this stage I'm finding the mid song guitar melodies a little bit repetitive but it has to be said, it sure is heavy!
Penultimate track, 'Rotting In The Void' starts with a brooding piano intro which blends really cool with the heavier riffing, again the track is slow which eventually picks up in speed but takes a little bit to gether momentum. It's seems to be a little bit of a trend in this album. But ahhhh, it would seem a fitting outro for the real tracks for I'm greeted with a fantastic cover of Autopsy's 'Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay' which is stellar, and sits perfectly along with the tunes on this album. It's great cover and pays fitting tribute to the band in question.

I'll not lie, I didn't enjoy this record as much as I did as with their debut album. I found that the tracks were moreso slower and I found this, for me, killed the excitement. Certainly a damn good record and a cracking cover but sadly falls short I'm afraid.

  1. Revel In Flesh
  2. Dominate The Rotten
  3. Deathmarch
  4. Manifested Darkness
  5. Torment In Fire
  6. The Maggot Colony
  7. Operation Citadel
  8. Warmaster
  9. Rotting In The Void
  10. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay