Revel In Flesh/Wombbath - Dragged Into The Obscure

Seven inch splits are common of late in old school death metal circles, Germany’s Revel In Flesh are no strangers to such releases. Their track ‘Casket Ride’ continues on their brutal path, but adds a touch more melodic riffing into the mix rather than pure old rotten death that some of their early material brandishes, widening their range of influences. The production is amazing and the relatively easy tempo of the track stands you in good place to get all those knots out of your body and immerse yourself with some cool head nodding, thus appreciating the quality and development that this band are showing. Add to this the pin point Dan Swanö mix, it’s a cool ride that’s sonically sounds more expansive than previous recordings.

Wombbath resurfaced not so long ago, their track ‘To Suffer Eternally’ is really brutal in its production, so much so, certainly in car entertainment systems struggle with the barrage, but on real systems, the warmth and energy is immense. With a brutal vocal delivery and classic bare bones Swe death to its credit, this is an immense track, exactly what you should expect without surprises or compromise and that’s fine with me!

Limited to 500 copies, this is a no brainer for buying if you love old school death metal. Revel In Flesh provide a developed stance on the sub-genre, whilst Wombbath go vintage and give the non-believers a taste of true power. Both bands are at the top of their game, this is a worthy addition indeed to your rotten collection.

  1. Casket Ride
  2. To Suffer Eternally