Revelation Of Doom - Shemhamforash

The Polish metal scene is vivid in the extreme metal scene. Lots of death metal bands that are anti christian so is Revelation Of Doom too. Their new album "Shemhamforash" is opening with the track "Six Six SIx" which explains the whole. To strengthen their message they play brute death metal with lots of tempo changes including the different melody lines. Growling vocals, fast and double bass drums and heavy riffing. The mid tempo parts are threatning in structure while the fast parts are just energetic blasting. With "Shemhamforash" Revelation Of Doom released a nice old school death metal album, no fancy schmuck but just power to the bone.

1. Six Six Six
2. From Metal To Hell
3. The Goat Whore
4. As The God So The Servants
5. Phalluscipher The Godcrusher
6. Morbid Death
7. Messenger Of Darkness
8. Vultures Genocide
9. Darknes Shall Be

Pagan Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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