Revelations Of Rain - Emanation Of Hatred

Third full length from this heavy Russian doom/death metal band. Presenting their music with heavy doom guitarriffs and melodic layers dwelling in misery and despair backed up by keyboard atmospheres, solid drumming and dark growling vocals. The necessary variation is provided by instrumental intermezzos or occiasionally by up tempo blistering parts build around manic blast beats and brutal riffing and some more hellish growling and screaming vocals. The whole atmosphere of this album is filled with dark and depressive emotions and the overall sound is solid and heavy totally fitting to this style. Definitely an interesting album for fans of dark doom/death metal (7/10).

1. Time

2. Our Cathedral

3. Antithesis Of Life

4. Salvia Divinorum

5. Hidden

6. Mortido

7. In Expectation Of Awakening

Solitude Productions
Reviewer: Nydoom
Oct 12, 2010

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