Revenance - Omen Of Tragedy

This band comes from the New York area and is playing slamming death metal with hardcore touches. All is sounding dirty, raw and tight. Musically it is diverse meaning that the fast parts are combined with the slow mid tempo parts. Those switches are made easily and don't sound forced. Melody is not the strongest word but enough variation in the rhythms. The lyrics are growling around while the guitars are either pushing you into the pit or flying around with some nice leads. With "Omen Of Tragedy" Revenance is delivering a nice brutal assault of good quality. But what is the meaning of the 13 minutes of bugsounds at the end of "Passive labor" and that short outburst?

1. Educated Judiatry
2. Five Shots
3. Phenecyclimone
4. Omen of Tragedy
5. Catharcyst
6. No Greater Plan
7. Zombie Death Horde
8. Somebody Kill Something
9. Regarding Nothing
10. Passive Labor

Permeated Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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