Rexul - Erebus... Virtuosus... Alpha

Rexul is the new band of two experienced German musicians who are active in the underground scene since the 90's. Benny O. (guitars/bass/keyboards) and Simon M. (guitars/bass/vocals) strike with their debut record "Erebus...Virtuosus...Alpha" released by the infamous F.D.A. Records.

The opening track 'Intergalactic Eyes' makes it clear that Rexul is heavily influenced by the Floridian death metal scene and Morbid Angel especially. The track is dark, heavy and has some synth background that contributes to the ominous sonic landscape.

The following 'Reentry In Emptiness' offers technical playing in the vein of Cynic and some spacy leads reminding of the outstanding guitar work of Trey Azagthoth. 'Enlightened By The Morning Star' is the first track of the album that kicks with blastbeats supporting the deep growls of Simon M. 'Fraternitas Of An Old Noir Latreia' possess the dark spirit of Deicide with insane blasting drums and ripping guitar riffs.

The track 'Curia' offers more melodic side of Rexul influenced by the old-school Swedish death metal scene while 'Undead Between The Column Of Salomon' demonstrates excellent guitar work.

The whole album is filled with remarkable guitar riffs and leads which makes "Erebus...Virtuosus...Alpha" one really interesting album. Rexul offers high-quality death metal that will delight everyone who admires the old-school metal of death.

4 / 5 STARS

1. 999
2. Intergalactic Eyes
3. Reentry In Emptiness
4. The Light
5. Entlightened By The Morning Star
6. Fraternitas Of An Old Noir Latreia
7. 333
8. Immaculate Vengeance
9. Curia
10. The Darkness
11. Undead Between The Column Of Salomon
12. Laudatio Per Mortem
13. 666