Rhemora - SUCKS

This band is so far away from the "SUCKS" category, talk about insane melodic death to the purest core! This EP will blow your hair back! That is, if you have any left. In any event, these guys are overtly aggressive and intense to the maximum. You have 2 kinds of vocals here, mostly a high end screaming in the vein of Dark Tranquillity and old In Flames, but I'd say higher pitched even! The low end vocals make it complete in variety's sense. The guitars are in C-Sharp and they're thick/heavy as all hell. You can hear the Swedish melodic death influence in the music and I'd annunciate the "insanity" of the musical phenomena. The leads are amazing too, the technicality and precision is all there, with no letup in speed and agility.

Some of the riffs remind me a lot of Dark Tranquillity's "Fiction" release, but more technical and a lot faster. True abundance of hate in the music, there is a totality of variety in here. Drums make the riffs even more intense with a ton of blast beating and double bass galore. There simply is hardly any letup on this EP, it's 26 minutes of pure raw emotional devastation. It isn't all one pace, there are times where there is slower riffs from the guitar aspect, but most of it is a combination of speed picking. gallops, melodicism, palm muted thickness with a crisp production. It is hard to encounter this endeavor is independent, but I'm sure that once a full-length album is written and they get more publicity in the metal scene, this band is bound to blossom.

"SUCKS" has also lyrical concepts that relate to hatred, death, atrocity and depression solely fitting the music with farmost precision. There is only one song on here that has some clean tone to it for a brief period ("The Silent Hand") and it's a segue into more brutality and destruction from a musical aspect. It's blatantly obvious that these guys play music that's so filled with anger, to see them live would be a true obliteration of your eardrums with utmost killing music! Alas, a newer (2010) melodic death band that doesn't play anything but a true representation of the genre itself. A lot of bands lose their songwriting abilities and sell-out. I don't see this band as becoming one of them.

What sets aside Rhemora from the rest of the metal scene is their ability to play with such intensity and uncompromising mindset. They will just knock you on your ass! I'd have to say that every song on here just is plain sick, I liked all of the tracks. Their musical influences are via the old school melodic death scene also via At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul. You can hear some of that similarity in the music, just a different tuning and better leads than ATG. There isn't a track here that is boring or stagnant, a variety of tempo changes plus the variety in the music makes it so much more tolerable than just riffs slapped together without any thought.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page and download some of their music then you won't second guess me about this text on their EP. Read the lyrics too because they do reflect that of all the different topics metal bands write about, but they're comprehensive. The music, production, mixing, and vocals all fit in awesome tandem wholeheartedly. Their refusal to conform, insanely divine anger-filled intensity sure as hell struck me as amazing. Once you hear one track, I think that you'll be apt to download all of the tracks especially if you're a melodic death freak like me that doesn't want half assed guitar riffs/leads plus overall nonconformity. All of the boundaries broken, no letup in songwriting, and their ability to make this whole EP work is everything where you want it to be. Listen to all of the tracks! A triumph!

  1. Waist Deep
  2. Rhemon Amarth
  3. The Fine Line
  4. Rhemora
  5. The Silent Hand
  6. Melancholy

Self released
Reviewer: Death8699
Nov 13, 2013

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