Ruins - Chambers Of Perversion

One of the few bands of the same name, this is the one man band from Germany, a black thrash execution of filth and sodomy. Ruins rival Bloodhammer for displaying sexual perversion in respect to the Christian church in their artwork and musically it reminds me of both Cruel Force and Nocturnal (both also from Germany).

Smearing blood and guts (and no doubt bodily fluids) over the reverb led vocals is a punk attitude that really puts the most timid listener most definitely in their place. If you don’t feel any shock value from the album cover, take a listen to some of the lyrics and track titles. Nice little songs such as ‘Perverting the Priest’, ‘Slutlust’ and ‘Sperm of the Antichrist’. The music is raw and basic and when pissing on your grave you will be reminded of Sodom, Bathory and Venom, although in reality it is more to do with their respective satanic evil stance than pure musical comparison.

Ruins crush Christianity and raise a middle finger to all things of establishment, ‘Chambers of Perversion’ is black thrash Armageddon and lives up to one of the track is ‘Sodomy in Hell’.

  1. Chambers Of Perversion
  2. Slaves Of The Undead
  3. Primitive Evil
  4. War In Heaven Part 4 (Megalomania)
  5. Sodomy In Hell
  6. Slutlust And Perversion
  7. Perverting The Priest
  8. Sperm Of The Antichrist

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 16, 2011

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