S.M.E.S. / E.F.R.O. - Split

Ooook you sick fucks. This split CD is especially for you. Lookin for harmonies and melodies and shitty shit like that? Well you can start runnin away cos this split CD is going to disturb your peaceful little planet for good. Two of the finest cybergrind/pornogore/goregrind  bands are here with fresh tunes, only for the most perverted freaks out there.

S.M.E.S. (schijten met een stijve - shitting with an erection), opens this split CD. A Dutch band active since 1999, with its only member Erwin de Groot, former member of bands as Last Days Of Humanity and Butcher M.D, definitely knowing what he's doing when it comes to such demented music. 7 albums and a shit load of split CDs and this time he hits us with 10 new tracks-odes to cyber/techno/goregrind. The samples are there, the fat guitars are there, the dancing drum beats are there and in general, whatever a typical goregrind fan wants to find in such a release, can be found pettily. S.M.E.S.'s side is called "Rot Rot, Jut Jut" and I'm tellin you it is filthy in a degree that will make your perverted ears feel nice, warm, and sick. The production here is loud and itchy adding a lot to the sickness of the entire outcome. 'Rot Rot, Jut Jut', 'Portable Extortable' and 'A Gran Slam', with 'Ashy Slashy' of the Evil Dead saga being the intro sample, are what I'd say the loudest of em all with the rest of them of course following close enough.

Next to follow are the demented pornogrinders, E.F.R.O., commonly known as Erotic Female Relievance Observations. Younger band than S.M.E.S., with 3 full lengths and a shit ton of split CDs as well. Another one man band here (very common in this type of extreme sound), with the lyrical content aiming in retarded sexual harassment rather than just stupidity. Their part in this split is called "Piss Soaked Pussy And Ass". E.F.R.O. kind of mix their shit with slam. The dominating genre though is goregrind for sure. Songs as 'Nipple Worship & The Lust For Lactation', 'Piss Soaked Pussy & Ass' and 'Where Girls Never Learn To Potty' can give you a pretty nice image of what this guy here is up to. His goregrind sickness combined with the slam interleaves and the gurgling vocals along with the so typical "bubblebath" (typical of the genre) ones, give E.F.R.O. the proper desirability for the fans of this sick extreme expression. Production in both bands is loud and fat, boosting the entire outcome a lot. Guaranteed party time with this split CD from two maniacs/bands of the genre. The fans of goregrind/pornogrind should definitely check.

  1. Skunk Backfire
  2. Your God Is An Imaginary Dictator
  3. Rot Rot, Jut Jut
  4. M-ORal Cry-M
  5. Stretch A Snatch
  6. "Miss Hurricane" Is A Good Name For A Hot Rod, But Not For The Title Of A Song, Or I Would Have Called This That, Obviously
  7. Portable Extortable
  8. A Gran Slam
  9. Mac And Sleaze
  10. For Sake Of The Take
  11. Pulsating Labia Pissing In Pampers
  12. Nipple Worship & The Lust For Lactation
  13. Omutsu Onanizer
  14. Urinating Teenage Cameltoe Cunnilingus
  15. Duo Dildo Diaper Squad
  16. Piss Soaked Pussy & Ass
  17. Orgasm Soaked Omorashi Torture Terror
  18. Where Girls Never Learn To Potty
  19. BBW Panty Poop Face Smothering