Sabbatory - Endless Asphyxiating Gloom

Canada’s Sabbatory are bound and determined to destroy everything in their path with their debut release entitled “Endless Asphyxiating Gloom”. Now, there are bands that give nods to the old school and the traditional way of constructing and performing this type of material, yet still retain their own identity in this new wave of death metal, but in listening to Sabbatory, it seems to me that this band is totally old school from the ground up. From the blueprint to the final product, this is total old school death metal worship in its most pure and highly respected form. It is this that gives the band their own identity in this generation even though that back in the day there were tons of bands that had this sound. Back in the old days they would have been called copy cats, however, I would prefer to call them revivalists of tradition and the utter brutality that the bands of the old school gave us.

The music here is totally stripped down to its basic elements. I wouldn’t say that it’s raw, but rather that it’s not really all that technical as far as complexity goes and follows the “brutality through simplicity” philosophy. The guitars are really tight and precise with a certain “grittiness” to them, but at the same time lack the bite that is found, for example, in Swedish bands playing similar music. Even so, this cd does have that Swedish feel to it. Can’t really put my finger on it but it is undeniable. There is really no other genre influences that I pick up on with this band as far as guitars go. Just total and unadulterated brutal death metal riffage all the way. I wouldn’t say the solo work is all that phenomenal, but the construction of the solos here are well planned and well placed and compliment these songs nicely even though they are just as simplistic as the riffs. I usually don’t talk much about the bass when reviewing an album but here it is quite noteworthy. I wouldn’t say it’s at the forefront, but you sure as hell can feel it as it seems to have been given the same attention as all the other aspects of the music. In some instances you really notice it more as if it stands out on its own. The bass work is one of my favorite aspects of this cd. Very well played and incorporated.

The drums are probably what surprised me the most. Throughout this whole cd I could not find one part that sounded even remotely triggered. Just good old-fashioned, drum playing talent! This guy is really good. As with the guitars, the drums are not really all that complicated in terms of what you are hearing and he is on point 100% through every song. You can tell that he really puts everything into his work when he is behind that drum kit. Drummers like this really catch my attention. Sometimes you can tell when a drummer is half-assing it. Well, I can tell you that is not the case here. From beginning to end this guy is pounding his way through hell! The vocals sound completely agonistic, tortured and completely pained. It is this final element to this soon to be classic release that puts the the last nail in the coffin of finality. In my personal opinion, these guys have usurped the throne of the old school and have started what could very well be a new rising of the old school sound. I’m not talking about bands who give tribute to the old school, I am talking about bands like Sabbatory who worship the old school and make it their life’s work to rebuild it into a viable sound once again!

Will all this being said, if you are into bands like Baphomet(US), Ceremony, Goddefied, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and other bands such as these, then adding this cd to your collection is a must! This is yet another fine and flawless release from the new label Unspeakable Axe Records. Releasing bands like Sabbatory is an awesome thing for this label and continued releases that dominate like this one will garner this label undeniable respect and prestige. Awesome job, Sabbatory! Congratulations on another fantastic release Unspeakable Axe Records! Support this band and support this label!

  1. Being, Thy Eternal Perplexor
  2. Hypnotic Regression
  3. Corrosive Decay
  4. Infantasy
  5. Endless Asphyxiating Gloom
  6. The End Of A Pessimistic Voyage
  7. Orbiting Obscuron