Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes

With a debut album, “Illusions In Infinite Void”, under their belts Greek metallers Sacral Rage have landed their sophomore album some three years later. It is clear the band has an affiliation with all things cosmological judging by the album cover which isn’t the best (or worst) art work I’ve ever seen on an album cover as the album begins with a dramatic symphonic laden intro piece titled 'Progenitor' that leads into 'Eternal Solstice'. I will state my disclaimer immediately that I strongly dislike high pitched vocals with the exception of Rob Halford in Judas Priest as Dimitris has a tone that could shatter glass from 100 metres away. Musically the song sits within heavy metal and owes plenty to Mercyful Fate and indeed I suspect this band loves that band immensely alongside King Diamond.

'Vaguely Decoded' is epic, beginning with a progressive like structure before edging into a thrash like structure, the speed is escalated before shifting again into a more heavy metal guise. The bands ability to constantly morph the songs through various styles is effortless as the track weaves a path through sumptuous riffing with blazing lead breaks and hints of US power metal such as acts like Cage, Jag Panzer or even Pharoah. Whilst I may not engage with the album vocally they do suit the high end riffing style and the guy doesn’t employ the style constantly but theatrically vocalises every track to suit the mood. 'Samsara (L.C.E.)' is a little less frantic utilising a fine double kick rhythm pattern with the riffing as a fine extended lead break is deployed something this album has by the bucket loads.

In fine heavy metal style 'Necropia' has a narrated opening and intro sequence with keyboards that develops into a power thrash track without adopting a speed workout and is a favourite on the album for me personally because of its emotive riffing and leads nicely into the bridging interlude 'Onwards To Nucleus' which serves to introduce the colossal epic of 'The Glass'. This near 15 minute composition is everything you would expect a track of this magnitude to be even if it does begin with a clichéd air raid siren that leads into a snare march that sounds like Diamond Head’s 'Am I Evil?' The development of atmosphere is excellent, escalating with each passing second as the guitar melody amplifies with the drums and bass that gradually leads to an excellent bass riff and cymbal smash. The riff that ensues is great with the subsequent lead solo balancing it all out for the vocals to follow. Each twist and turn links into the nadiral and apical journeys the track takes as the intensifications are perfectly poised leading into wonderful ambient sections and the superb finale.

Any fan of epic heavy metal should be checking Sacral Rage out whether you’re a fan of any of the bands I have mentioned as this album captures the spirit of heavy metal in all its glory.


1. Progenitor
2. Eternal Solstice
3. Vaguely Decoded
4. Suspended Privileges
5. Samsara (L.C.E.)
6. Necropia
7. Onwards to Nucleus
8. The Glass