Sacrarium - March To An Inviolable Path

'March To An Inviolable Path' already saw the light of day back in 2009 when Sacrarium released it on their own. Now, with a world-wide label at their back, the band can spread its blasphemy to the masses. At least it is insightful blasphemy. While the music is static laden, tremolo picked, raw and harsh black metal that leaves no room for relenting, fans from Dark Funeral to Setherial will find this slab a treat. Composed of only two people, with a session member, Sacrarium is impressive in its musical abilities alone. V.R.S. does all the instruments while A.m.K. writes the lyrics.

The first half of the album is pretty one sided. There is a brief ambient instrumental before the black metal rips in, but it takes off as it hits the ground running so there is no room for the listener to let it sink in. There are no slow introductions, no interludes, no progressive or symphonic moments. It's just pummeling after pummeling of guitars, drums, and vocals all assaulting at once. Some fans enjoy that level of extremity, and others may not. However, there is a bit of something for everyone. The second half the album tends to give some breathing space with "Terribilis est Locus Iste" which take a while to start out, but features some chugging and even thrash based music as the instrumental just blazes its way along, even if the production is really fuzzy, it works in a good way; even sounding a bit industrial at times. The "Outro" is another ambient piece that features haunting underwater-synthlike sounds. It is very repetitive, but keeps the listener on edge because they will not be used to this kind of peace and will be hanging on the edge waiting for everything to come crashing down...

But, Sacrarium surprises its audience with this final closure, and it in fact is an excellent choice because after all those crushing songs, listeners finally get a moment to think about what the heck the band is all about, with the final track really setting the mood. While esotericism is not in Sacrarium's game plan when it comes to the music, their lyrics are certainly provocative without falling into the typical black metal from of being about paganism or satanism all the time. It is darkly poetic and misanthropic, and well worth exploring if one takes the time.

  1. A.C.R.H.
  2. Heartless Visions
  3. Demolish By Himself
  4. In A Circle Of Dead Seraphs
  5. Phantomatic Landscape
  6. Through Centuries
  7. Terribilis Est Locus Iste
  8. This Is The Final Warning
  9. Outro

De Tenebrarum Principio
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jan 28, 2011

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