Sacrificium - Escaping The Stupor

Sacrificium is a band from Germany and is releasing their 2nd album after 3 year silence upon the masses. On this album you find a mixture between death metal and melody. The songs are powerful with dominating guitarriffing with raw and aggressive vocals. Tempo is vary and is going from midtempo headbang parts to fast attacks with bassdrum shots. Technically is it oke and the songs are played tight and energetic but they never loose the melody in the songs. Concluding that this album is attacking you in a groovy way.

1. Canvas
2. Towards The Edge Of Degeneration
3. I Am The Enemy
4. Pierced By Death
5. Extinction Of Mankind
6. Shivering
7. Tremendum
8. As Silence Dies
9. Revelation Of Justice
10. Of Traumatic Memories And Tears
11. Nothing From You

Black Lotus Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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