Sadael - Essence

Another one in the Art of Silence series from Solitude Productions. Also limited to 100 copies with professional artwork in mini-Lp sleeve.

Sadael is a one-man band from Armenia and when you read that the first song is called "misanthropy march" you don't need to expect he is going to tell you a happy story... The message is clear when you hear the dark ambient intro with synthesizer effects and additional piano sounds completed by a whispering voice telling you the end is near. After this the funeral doom heaviness kicks in with deep desolate guitar sound and a guttural voice in the front and electronic drums and melancholic piano melodies in the background.

The story of this record continues with the mix between dark ambient compositions and very slow crushing funeral doom. Nevertheless the songs vary and character and mood and sometimes provide you with a glimpse of light before you get thrown back into emptiness and misery. Bombastic at one moment, minimalistc the other. Some long songs and some short ones so all in all nothing to get bored from quickly if you like funeral doom and dark ambient.

1. Misanthropy March
2. Never
3. Judgement Day
4. Particles
5. Essence
6. Thoughts Of Suicide
7. Julie

Solitude Productions
Reviewer: Nydoom
Aug 24, 2010

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