Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties

I have always loved Finnish death metal acts, they have always been that bit more guttural, that bit more brutal and Sadistik Forest, whose band name I’m not convinced by I must admit, have been added to that ever growing list of top quality death metal bands from that country. This is their third album and whilst I’ve not listened to their other two albums or the EP they’ve released what I can say is that "Morbid Majesties" has one of the finest guitar sounds I’ve heard in death metal for quite a while; it is utterly savage.

'Morbidly Majestic' bludgeons the listener immediately it starts with a cannonade of double bass that feels like it will demolish your walls as the slashing guitar riffs hack at you from all directions and the vocals are bellowed unceremoniously in utter barbarity. The impetus of this album is excellent as each track is like a freight train, the riffs are hurled out like shells and the rhythm section is like a tank battalion. The riff that starts 'Decades Of Torment Then Death' is excellent, immediately ingrained into your head it smashes its way through the song as the vocals burn through with alternating growls and harsh shrieks.

'Zero Progress' is a standout due to its excellent bass riff start, the song develops slowly as a guitar riff pierces neatly right before a speed injection with the blasting snare being crisply clear and crashing hard as though cracking bones. There are so many great riffs I could describe each track in turn but I will finish with the album’s epic closer 'Bones Of A Giant' a nine minute plus track that starts with a creepy noise and bass piece. The song has a doom death poise as the vocals meld the harsh and growled tones neatly and as the track hits a riff break and accompanying cymbal smash you’ll have difficulty not to be dragged into its catchy ethos as the song prefers to keep a steady tempo rather than blast all the while that double kick maintains the engine of the song.

All those who love their death metal old school, no dilution, no trickery of any kind, no adornments added, just full on guttural annihilation must hear this album.

  1. Morbidly Majestic
  2. Decades Of Torment Then Death
  3. The Hour Of Dread
  4. Destructive Art
  5. Zero Progress
  6. Monsters Of Death
  7. The Maelstrom Opens
  8. Bones Of A Giant