Sahg - II

The three Norsemen also known as Sahg is existing since 2004 and made one album sofar, simply called "I". Why spend a lot of time thinking about an album title? And so their new album is called "II".

The band is playing a mixture of stoner and doom. Songs that have their inspiration in the bands like Black Sabbath, Trouble or Spiritual Beggars. Nice flowing melodies although the guitars are playing fuzzy but very heavy. Besides the melody riffs he is also playing nice leads. And he is Olav Iverse and also doing the vocals. With "Escpae The Crimson Sun" Sahg is doing a kind of acoustic ballad and I think it is the weakest song on the album. It takes the atmosphere out of the previous songs but gladly they continue their spirit with 4 more songs. From "Pyromancer" they also recorded a videoclip. The album is ending with a 10 minutes song with a nice flowing guitar lead.

"II" is a good album with lots of feeling and expression.

1. Ascent To Decadence
2. Echoes Ring Forever
3. From Conscious Sleep
4. Star-Crossed
5. Escape The Crimson Sun
6. Pyromancer
7. Wicked Temptress
8. By The Toll Of The Bell
9. Monomania

Regain Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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