Sahg - III

Sahg perform doom metal in the style of Candlemass and Black Sabbath. Featuring heavy melodies, a thick sound, and vocals that border power metal, they've been opening minds since 2004. With their latest album, Sahg create a catchy atmospere that isn't depressing and melodramatic. Much of the music on the simply titled III is full of feet stomping beats and high energy pacers. There's even a bit of grunge-like Soundgarden influence in the mix to add even more flavor with the style of tracks such as "Hollow Mountain."

However, expect a low of fuzzy, downtuned doom. "Mother's Revenge" is VERY fuzzy indeed, save for the vocals which try to imitate Ozzy Osbourne as best as they can... and succeed well. Other times the music picks up and focus more on a mid paced thrash beat such as "Baptism In Fire" and " Burden." "Downward Spiral" is very psychadellic with the way that the vocals fade in and out with a creepy, trippy effect. "Denier" is more straight up heavy metal: full of groove and exciting. "Spiritual Void" closes things with a slow, moody pace that is the first 'depressing doom metal' track on the album, and for some strange reason, just as addicting. However, the highlight track would have to be the opener for its soft, acoustic instrumental feel that is more moody and ominous than any doom metal track on this album.

It may take a few listens, but III will grow on fans easily for its addictive sound. The pace is not painful or gritty at all as some doom metal bands just drag along and make listeners feel like they are getting their face compressed by a steam roller. Sahg are full of life... life they borrow from a power metal influence, but also balance it out with the depressive, moody side of doom metal. These dark and light aspects are a perfect combination to create an interesting album with thoughtful lyrics and tasteful musical moments that won't leave listeners high and dry.

  1. In Through The Eye
  2. Baptism In Fire
  3. Mortify
  4. Hollow Mountain
  5. Mother's Revenge
  6. Downward Spiral
  7. Shadow Monument
  8. Burden
  9. Denier
  10. Spiritual Void

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Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 8, 2010
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